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Escape Creative Marketing (001562431-P) ("ecmgift2u", "the Company") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in our advanced information and communication technology-intensive society. The Company considers the appropriate management of personal information an important social duty, and has determined its Privacy Policy in accordance with its Policy on the Protection of Personal Information, and operates and manages its website in such a manner that visitors can feel secure in navigating it.

This Privacy Policy applies when you provide your personal information through this website operated and managed by the Company. However, when providing personal information, there may be instances in which extraordinary provisions that differ from this Privacy Policy apply, and in such instances, the extraordinary provisions shall take precedence.

You exercise your sole discretion in choosing whether or not to provide your personal information. Please understand, however, that some services on this website may not be available if you choose not to provide personal information.


Personal information as defined in this Privacy Policy is information provided by visitors to this website, including name, address, telephone number, and email address, used for the purpose of identifying each individual visitor.


In collecting personal information, the Company's purpose, in accordance with legitimate and appropriate practices, is to provide you with notices or announcements. Unless you have given your consent or legal requirements so stipulate, the Company does not use personal information for any purpose other than that of providing you with notices and announcements.


In order to safely handle your personal information, the Company makes ongoing efforts to maintain and improve its level of information security. Personal information is managed to strictly avoid disclosure to any third party without your permission. The Company may, however, disclose your information in instances where there is a valid reason, including but not limited to the following.

  • If you have given your consent.
  • The Company may contract with an outsourcer with regard to operation of this web site or a job pertaining to the use or management of your personal information. In this case, the Company strictly supervises and manages the third party’s handling of your personal information.
  • Depending on your inquiry or the service requested, the Company may disclose your information to a third party only to the extent necessary on the condition that the Company has obtained your prior consent to such disclosure based on the reasons described on this site or elsewhere.
  • In the event of an emergency, in order to protect human life or human rights, or in the event that cooperation is requested by a public agency such as the judicial branch or police based on relevant laws or ordinances, the Company may disclose your information in accordance with such law or ordinance without obtaining your prior consent.


If you visit the Company's website repeatedly, you may be sent a data package called a cookie that will be stored in your computer’s hard drive and will distinguish you from other visitors to the website and provide you with a more convenient browsing experience. A cookie does not identify you as a specific individual. You can change your browser’s settings to accept or reject cookies, but this may interfere with the normal functioning of the website.


Please be aware that because of characteristics of the internet, there is the risk of third parties intercepting information during the process of sending information by internet or email.


The Company may collect such information as the IP address used by your computer or access status or access conditions to this and other websites. This information is used to prevent improper access, determine mechanical causes of server problems and restore service, ensure safe and smooth operation and maintenance of this web site, and carry out other service improvements. This information is not used or disclosed in association with your personal information.


When following the links to other websites contained on this website, please check each of the linked site’s individual policies regarding their handling of personal information. The Company cannot be held responsible for the handling of personal information by businesses or individuals linked through its website.


This Privacy Policy may be subject to change in accordance with changes in pertinent laws and regulations.


Your understanding of this Privacy Policy is very important to us. Please contact the Company via our phone line 016-394 3868 link here if you have any questions or concerns about it. The Company will handle them as promptly and appropriately.